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The SIMLEAD Metal Drawer System is the world’s only fully-integrated drawer system with Push-Open and Soft-Close features.

Continuous Ever-Active Push allows the drawer front to be pushed more than once, allowing true hands free operation. Use your elbow or your knee to push on the drawer a second time and it will continue to open. With the synchronization bar installed, the Push-Open can be activated with an Any Point Touch, simply by pushing at any location on the drawer front.

The Push mechanism being fully integrated into the slide, provides best in class motion and function. This design means the spring power of the Push is already deactivated when the drawer is closing, leading to a perfect soft-close every time with no possibility of bounce back.

King Slide has several safety features built into the drawer. First there is a switch on the bottom which turns off the Push-Open feature completely. This is excellent during transportation to job site, but also when small children are around to prevent accidental release of the drawer.

The optional Vibration Safety Device (VSD) offers an additional safety feature that locks the drawers in place in the event of the cabinet experiencing a significant vibration. This option is ideal for furniture installed in earthquake prone regions, but also has practical applications for recreational vehicles and trailers.

  • Ever-Active Push-Open
  • Perfect Soft-Close
  • No Bouncebacks
  • Any Point Touch to open
  • Built-In Safety Features

*Requires Push Open Synchronization Rod part #KS-MSYNCH-ROD (sold separately)