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Modern design for waste bin pullout with fitted insert and lid cover that can be mounted like a drawer into your base cabinet. Includes integrated door adjustment. Runs on durable full-extension soft-close 45kg (100lbs) ball bearing slides. Large sturdy door mount bracket provides extra stability and door support. Two bins are included in white or dark grey. Both are easily removable and include a clip-on bag holder and integrated handle. Non-removable metal lid helps suppress and contain odours.

Can be installed using the self-adjusting spacers into 400mm cabinets with gables from 16mm to 19mm (5/8” to 3/4”) thickness.

  • Modern European design for 400mm cabinets
  • Large capacity waste bins (available in 13, 18 and 35L sizes)
  • Clip-on ring fully conceals bag liner and has integrated handle
  • Fixed metal inside lid helps to reduce and suppress odours
  • Convenient door mount system for easy access
  • Full extension makes it easy to remove bins and clear your countertop
  • Includes 45kg (100lbs) full-extension soft-close ball-bearing slides
  • Interior depth required 19″/ 29″/ 32″